Workout of the Day

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the Medicine in Motion (MM) Workout of the Day (WOD), or MM WOD. We will be positing a different workout that you can do at home with equipment that you can make from items around you living space.

We are excited to share these with you, but also wanted to take a moment to mention that during this challenging time you should feel no pressure to exercise. Physical and mental health takes on many forms so each day listen to what your needs are. We hope that these workouts are only a source of inspiration, and help you spend time with people you are living with or video chatting with a loved one to complete a workout.

If you are not a fan of today’s MM WOD, do not worry! Please see our library were we will continue to build a large archive of workouts for whatever you may be interested in.

It is important that you adapt every workout to meet your goals and needs. We have tried to make each of these workouts accessible and scalable to any level, if you are unsure of a movement please google it as we have not yet had time to make tutorials for all movements. Below are a few suggestions we have on how to do so.
  •  Squats: We all have different levels of flexibility and range of motion, so please listen to your body on how low you can go and how much weight you should put on your back. You can make squats easier by putting a chair behind you to see how deep to go, and harder by adding more weight or jumping. Please see this video on how to squat.
  • Push-ups: To increase the difficulty you can make them clapping push-ups, or vary the position of your hands. At any point if it becomes too difficult to do a push up here is a step wise way to make them easier.
    • Plank Push-up: Come down in a flat plank till your chest touches the ground, then drop your knees and come up.
    • Knee Push-up: Drop your knees to the ground, bring your chest to the ground, push up.
  • Dips: To increase the difficulty put a weight on your lap, to decrease the difficulty move
  • Situps: Situps can be hard to perform for a number of reasons. We recommend putting your legs in a butterfly position to open your hips up and make it easier on your back
  • Flutter kicks/Leg Lifts: To make these movements easier place your hands under your butt. To make them more challenging, you can put your hands behind your head.
Making Equipment at Home

If you have workout equipment at home, great! Please use it thoughtfully and correctly for these workouts. If not, we have outlined below how to make at home mats and weights.

For all core movements it will be safer and more comfortable if you have something between your body and the ground. You can use yoga mats, throw rugs, or towels to help create the perfect structure for your back. If you need more support layer multiple towels or blankets

If you do not have weights or stretch bands, here are a few ways to make weights at home. You can fill up any bag (hand bags, backpacks, suitcases) with heavy items (filled water bottles, books, canned food) from around your house. Different bags will be easier to use for different movements so try them out.Get creative!

May 25th: MURPH

In order to remember those who have served our country we will be completing a workout called “Body Armor” by Lieutenant Michael Murphy. Lt. Murphy, of Patchogue, N.Y., was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005. In honor of him the name was changed to MURPH. On the 25th at 7:30am, veteran and second year medical student at HMS Sam Lyon, will be leading a memorial before starting MURPH on Zoom.

For time:
1 mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 mile Run

You can split up the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats how ever you want. It is often broken up into 10 sets (10,20,30) or 20 sets (5,10,15). It is traditionally done with 20 lbs of weight either from a vest or backpack.

May 19th: The Bread Maker

Everyone’s been getting into the cooking mood after spending so much time at home. Making bread has become the new fad that it seems like everyone is doing (me included!). But the more bread I make, the more I realized I’ve been slacking on my kneading muscles. So this workout is designed to strengthen the muscles you ~knead~ to make bread while also burning off some of those extra carbs.

Preheat oven to 450 with jumping jacks until you break into a light sweat then

4 rounds of

  • 10x push ups
  • 15x dips
    • You can use a coffee table or chair for these
  • 20x russian twists
  • 2 min cardio (choose one)
    • Jumping jacks
    • Burpees
    • Sprints (if you have room)

You’ll know you’re done when your triceps are sore and you hear a hollow sound when you tap on your chest.

May 18th: Dartmouth Zoom workout @ 5:30pm EST

Join the Dartmouth MedMotion chapter for a zoom workout! More info at the International Zoom workouts page

May 16th: Just a classic

We’ll be doing a classic workout with some upper, lower and cardio all worked in.

4 rounds with decreasing reps each time (20 -> 15 -> 10 -> 4)

  • Pushups (any variation)
  • Leg lifts
  • Jump squats
  • Russian twists

Between rounds 10x burpees as fast as possible

May 13th: MM Queensland Zoom workout @ 5:30pm EST

Join the Queensland MedMotion chapter for a zoom workout! More info at the International Zoom workouts page

May 11th: Dartmouth Zoom workout @ 5:30pm EST

Join the Dartmouth MedMotion chapter for a zoom workout! More info at the International Zoom workouts page

May 10th: Back 2 Basics

Let’s get back to basics with some classic movements.

200 sit ups, 100 air squats, 50 push ups for time

Suggested: break it up into 10 sets of 20 sit ups, 10 air squats, 5 push ups

Hard mode: 400 sit ups, 200 air squats, 100 push ups

May 9th: Pirate’s Glute-y

We’re going to focus on the body’s LARGEST muscle today: THE GLUTES. While the G maximus gets the most publicity, your glutes are actually composed of two more muscles, the gluteus medius and the gluteus minimus. These three muscles work in tandem to extend your hip joint (think standing up) and keep your legs stable. Not only do they look good but they help prevent injuries from sports including running! Let’s get it

Warm up: 30 sec each jumping jacks, high knees, butt kicks, high kicks

4 rounds, 1 minute rest between each

  • 10x jump lunges (10 each side)
  • 15x air squats
  • 20x glute med squeeze
    • Start on all fours, raise one leg out to your side like a dog peeing on a fire hydrant
    • Squeeze and hold at the very top before bringing your leg back down
  • 30 sec jumping jacks

May 2nd: Gumby

This workout is meant to get your heart rate up AND increase your flexibility and mobility. Stretching should be part of every workout (either right after your warm up, at the end or BOTH!) but this workout will give flexibility a little more attention than usual. For the movements marked “hold”, hold the position for 5 seconds before doing another rep. With each rep, try to get a little deeper.

3 rounds

  • 30 sec high knees
  • 10x side lunge and HOLD
    • Bring right leg out to your right side with your left leg full extended to the left
    • Stretch should be felt in the inner thigh and glutes
  • 10x jump squats
  • 10x pause squats and HOLD
    • Squat down as deep as you can and hold at the bottom
    • Keep your back as straight as possible and feet flat on the floor
    • Stretch should be felt in the hips, hamstrings, lower back and (if you lean forward a little) calves/ankles

3 rounds

  • 10x push ups
  • 10x side plank pose and HOLD
  • 10x leg crossover and HOLD
    • Laying on your back, arms outstretched on either side, cross on leg over as far it can go.
    • Stretch should be felt in the back up to the shoulders
April "Move of the Month" - Leg Crossover Stretch | Heather ...

Cool down with some of your favorite static stretches.

April 30th: Tibita Tabata 2

This TABATA workout is a classic designed to be short and intense. For this workout you will be doing four rounds of the following movements each one minute. Within each minute you will work as hard as you can for 20 seconds, and then take 10 seconds of rest. Search “tabata” on Spotify for a whole bunch of playlists with songs that have these timing schemes built in!

1. Burpees: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest.
2. Sit Ups: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest.
3. Push-ups: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest.
4. Squats: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest.

Repeat 4 times

April 29th, 2020: Push up ladder

Just when you think you’ve done all the possible push up variations you can do at home…BAM push up ladder surprise. This one is easily scalable and will get your shoulders, chest, back and arms feeling it by the time you’re done.

The move for the push up ladder goes like this:
-Start with your chest on the ground, legs straight out
-Bring your elbows in close and move up to the plank position
-Then move up into the push up position
-Then move into an elevated push up position (use a coffee table, couch, stack of books etc)
-Do 1 elevated push up
-Make your way back down through each position
That’s 1 rep
Increase difficulty by moving both arms to each position simultaneously (IE ‘jumping’ rather than ‘stepping’).

Warm up with 3 rounds of 20x jumping jacks, 10 sec high knees

The push up ladder movement described above will be abbreviated as “PUL”

  • 3x PUL
  • 1 round of workout
  • 6x PUL
  • 1 round of workout
  • 9x PUL
  • 1 round of workout
  • 6x PUL
  • 1 round of workout
  • 3x PUL

The workout consists of:

  • 20x jumping jacks
  • 15x air squats
  • 10x leg lifts

April 28th, 2020: At home “Annie”

This is a take on the classic crossfit “Annie” workout.

Warm up then

Rep scheme 50-40-30-20-10
(IE 50 jumping jacks, 50 sit ups, 40 jumping jacks, 40 sit ups etc,)

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Sit ups
  • Optional: push ups

Finisher: 1 min plank 3x

April 26, 2020: Rest Day!

Take the day off! Rest days are as important as workout days. Think of doing workouts like putting in hours at your job and rest/recovery as collecting your paycheck at the end of the week. It doesn’t matter how many hours you put in if you don’t cash out! So collect your paycheck today, you’ve earned it. Here are some things you can do to maximize recovery:

Thoughtful eating

Make sure each meal you eat has vegetables, a source of protein and a healthy carbohydrate. Good protein sources include chicken breast, fish, Greek yogurt, and cottage cheese. A healthy carbohydrate is one with whole grains like rye or whole wheat bread, quinoa, and whole wheat pasta. You can never go wrong with vegetables so make sure to pile on your favorites!

Restful sleep

Sleep hygiene is really important for maximizing your recovery during sleep. This means giving yourself 30 minutes or so of ‘wind down’ time before bed, making sure your bedroom is dark and quiet, and limiting screen time (ideally none). Additionally, try and minimize alcohol and marijuana intake before bed as both interfere with your body’s ability to enter restful sleep (even if they may help you get to sleep).

Active recovery

I am a big proponent of active recovery which means doing very light activity during your recovery period. This can be relaxing yoga, going for a walk (with a mask of course), or pacing around your house. The idea is to increase blood flow to your body and muscles to help deliver nutrients and promote rebuilding. Make sure the activity you do is light otherwise it won’t count as recovery!

April 25, 2020: A Toughy v2.0

This workout is a variation of “A Toughy” we had earlier this month. With fewer reps per round you’ll be going through rounds faster! You will be trying to complete as many rounds as possible of the following movements in 15 minutes. To scale it, read up above about how to modify push-ups and squats. The burpees can be made easier by just coming down into a high plank instead of completing the push-up

Warm Up
30x Toe Touches
1 min Jumping Jacks
30x Crunches

AMRAP (as many reps as possible) in 15min:
5 push ups
10 jump squats
15 burpees
30 sec plank

Finisher: 10 “under the fence”

April 24th: Static shock

This workout involves a lot of static holds that may sound easy but will have you sweating in no time. Make sure to be playing some pump up music to help you push through the pain. My favorite is Friday by Rebecca Black 😉

Warm up – 2 rounds of

  • 10x arm circles each side
  • 10x air squats
  • 10x standing russian twists
  • 30 seconds jumping jacks

Workout – 3 rounds of

  • 10x push ups
    • Any variation
  • 1 min standing iron cross
    • Using books (or whatever you have!) as weights, hold your arms out form a T
  • 15x split squats
    • Put one leg on a couch/coffee table behind you and then lunge down with your other leg
    • 15 each side
  • 1 min squat hold
    • Parallel thighs! Not too high or too deep
  • 20x russian twists
    • Sitting on your butt, leaning back, legs out in front of you with heels off the ground, touch the ground on either side of you
  • 1 min V hold
    • Lay down with legs and shoulders off the ground, and hold
    • To increase difficulty, bring your back and legs up into a V

Finisher: Jumping jacks to loosen back up

April 23rd: Atlas shoulder shrugs

We’re focusing on the upper body today! You’ll coming out of this feeling like you can carry the world (or maybe once you’re not sore anymore…)

Warm up – shoulder mobility (arm circles, dynamic self-hugs) 3x 15 sec each

4 rounds, 1 minute rest between rounds

  • 10x feet elevated push ups
    • The higher your feet are, the harder it gets!
  • 20x mountain climber
  • 30 seconds weighted arm circles
    • Textbooks, boots, potted plants can all be used for weights
    • A little weight goes a long way here!!

Finisher: handstand holds (feet against the wall)

  • Beginner – 3x 15 seconds
  • Intermediate – 2x 30 seconds
  • Advanced – 2x 60 seconds

April 22nd: Jump jump jump around!

This plyometric (jumping) based workout will help build your explosive strength. It may also may annoy your downstairs neighbors…

Warm up – jumping jacks

4 rounds, 1 minute rest between rounds

  • 15x Jump squats
    • Make sure to get proper depth on your squats! Thighs should be parallel with the ground
    • To increase difficulty hold weights (or textbooks)
  • 20x mountain climber
  • 10x jump lunges
    • That’s 10 per leg!

Finisher: burpees for time –

  • Beginner – 15x burpees
  • Intermediate – 30x burpees
  • Advanced – 60x burpees

April 21st: Ab scorcher

Have you every wondered what it would feel like to set your core on fire? Wonder no more! With this ab focused work out you’ll be sure to feel it tomorrow. The pattern will be A – B – A – B – A with 1 minute rest between workouts. Total time of 20 minutes. Let’s do it!

Workout A (2 minute abs):

  • Leg lifts (30 sec)
    • Laying on the floor, legs straight, bring your legs up so your body forms a right angle
    • Place your hands under your butt to decrease difficulty
  • Heel touches/Penguins (30 sec)
    • Laying on the floor, legs bent with feet on the ground, bend your side so you can tap your heel with your hand
  • Suitcase sit ups (30 sec)
    • Laying on the floor, legs out straight, sit up and tuck your legs into your chest in one smooth motion
  • Russian twists (30 sec)
    • Sit with your legs crossed off the ground in front of you; twist and touch the ground to your left then right with both hands

Workout B (as many rounds as possible in 5 minutes):

  • 10x push ups
    • To increase difficulty, bring arms closer together
    • To decrease difficulty, rest knees on the ground maintaining a flat body through your hips
  • 10 yard bear crawl
    • On all fours (hands and feet, not knees), crawl forward as fast as you can.
    • Bonus: surprise your roommates in the next room!
  • 10x walking lunge
    • To increase difficulty, hold textbooks or weights
    • To decrease difficulty, stationary lunges

Workout consists of A – B – A – B – A with 1 minute rest between. For advanced athletes, double up on workout A each time (4 minute abs). Have fun!

April 18th: J’s WOD

Hope you enjoyed a nice day off! Well, let’s get back to it!

This working is looking for max effort! Push yourself and see how much you can do! We’ll be doing this workout again in the future to see how much you’ve improved!

April 16th: Quarantine Cuddles

TBT to one of the first workouts posted. Nothing like cuddles huh

3, 5 minute rounds of. 

  • 10 Jump Squats 
    • To decrease the difficulty do regular squats
    • To increase the difficulty wear a backpack with as much weight as you want
  • 10 Push Ups 
    • To decrease the difficulty come down in a flat plank, and then push up with knees on the ground
    • To increase the difficulty alternate between close and wide grip 
  • 10 Sit Ups 
    • To decrease the difficulty bring your back off the ground as much as you can 
    • To increase the difficulty hold your weighted backpack over your head 
  • 10 Toe-Touches 
    • To decrease the difficulty touch as far up as you can 
    • To increase the difficulty do double count

April 15th: Hump Day

It’s Hump day! Here’s a fun full body work that will surely get your blood pumping

3 Sets: Decline&Incline Push-Ups, Step-Ups, Dead Bugs // 3 Sets Dips, Hip Thrust, Kneeling Extension // Finisher: Burpees x2 sets

Full Body Workout:

April 14th: Nigerian Nightmare 1

You just had to watch that movie…. All your friends said it was pretty scary but you haven’t been afraid since watching scary movie 3! Oh boy were you not ready for what happened next…. Welcome to the Nigerian Nightmare Series ….that’s right series… 

The Series pays tribute to Christian Okoye, a former NFL player for the Kansas City Chiefs, due to his powerful running style and ability to break tackles. Go ahead, look him up! Well with this inspiration in mind, the Nigerian Nightmare is a series of workout designed for everyone and requiring no weights other than what can be easily assembled at home! It is designed to look frightening at visual glance and will push your muscles past its limit. Yeah.. you’re going to learn the meaning of muscle failure that’s for sure. Although designed to be challenging, it is a classic HIIT designed to be exhausting but rewarding! So let’s get this nightmare of a workout shall we?


→ Total time: 50min-1hr

→ 2 workouts [5 sets of 5 exercises with each exercise being around 1-2minute in duration]

→ Optional Dedicated Core Training [5 core workouts with each 1 minute in duration]

→ Find a bag (bookbag…grocery bag…. Travel bag… whatever) with arms/handles to hold and stuff it until its at a weight that feels like 30-60% of what you can lift

→ Goal: Don’t give up! Push yourself and do as many as you can in a minute! 

Click below for the workout!

April 13th: Tibita Tabata

This TABATA workout is a classic designed to be short and intense. For this workout you will be doing four rounds of the following movements each one minute. Within each minute you will work as hard as you can for 20 seconds, and then take 10 seconds of rest. For more clarity see this outline below.

1. Burpees: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest.
2. Sit Ups: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest.
3. Push-ups: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest.
4. Squats: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest.

Repeat 4 times

April 9th: Death by Burpees

This workout has a little bit of everything, but a whole lot of burpees. Focus both on speed and quality, and try to complete all four rounds as fast as possible.

Suggested Warm up:
20 Toe Touches
20 Arm Circles

WOD: 4 rounds of
10x Russian twist
10x push ups
10x jump squats
10x burpees.
Optional finisher: death by burpees, As many as you can!

April 7th: 40:20

The focus of this workout is to work hard and rest hard. Each minute you will be completing one movement for 40 seconds, and then resting for 20 seconds before beginning the next movement.

Suggested Warm-up:
2 rounds:
50 jumping jacks
10 wrist circles
10 alternating cossack squats

WOD: 15min EMOM (every minute on the minute)

  1. High knees
  2. Pushup shoulder taps (note: in the video, they mention to pause for 2 seconds on each rep, you do not need to do that here)
  3. Alternating curtsy squats

(2:1 work to rest)*

*Start a clock at 0:00. Perform high knees for 40 seconds. Rest for 20 seconds. At 1:00, perform pushup shoulder taps for 40 seconds. Rest for 20 seconds. At 2:00, perform curtsy squats for 40 seconds. Rest for 20 seconds. Repeat sequence 4 more times.

To decrease the difficulty of the pushup shoulder taps, you may do these on your knees.

To increase the difficulty of the curtsy squats, hold a kettlebell (or backpack, water bottle, etc.) in front of you in the goblet position while performing them.

April 6th: Pylo

Get ready to Jump, Jump, Jump around! This workout focuses on moving fast and getting your heart rate up, so compete all three rounds with speed in mind! Please be safe and careful with the box jumps, and if you do not have stairs or a box to use, you can do tuck jumps.

3 Sets of…
– 20 high knees
– 20 tuck jumps or box jumps (can use stairs instead of a box)
– 20 jumping lunges
– 20 push ups (add clap if you can!)

April 4th and 5th: REST DAY

Do not forget that it is important to rest and recover. Move your body or do not move your body in any way you see fit today. Remember to lean on those around you when you need to.

April 3, 2020: Molten Core

We all know that at the center of the earth is a molten, hot, core. Do you know how it got there? This workout. This workout has two sections that will both help you find your limit. Please make sure you watch your back.

Set 1: Max Plank
planks: 15s plank, 15s rest, 30s plank, 30s rest, 45s plank, 45s rest, repeat untill max time

Break! Do a seal stretch, skip around, get some water, twist it out

Set 2: 5 rounds of
20 sit ups, 20 v ups, 1 min rest

April 2, 2020: A Toughy

This workout is simple, but a toughy. You will be trying to complete as many rounds as possible of the following movements in 15 minutes. To scale it, read up above about how to modify push-ups and squats. The burpees can be made easier by just coming down into a high plank instead of completing the push-up

Warm Up
30 Toe Touches
30 Jumping Jacks
30 Crunches

AMRAP (as many reps as possible):
10 push ups
20 air squats
30 burpees
1 min wall sit

April 1, 2020: Over the rainbow 🌈

No April fools this year! Only pots of gold after you find your way over the rainbow by jumping, pushing, and burpee(ing?).

Suggested Warm-up:

2 rounds:
20 squats
10 arm circles
5 Burpees

WOD: Over the rainbow 🌈

You will be getting to the end of this rainbow by completing three sets of workouts. Luckily like any great adventure you get to create your own. For each set, you will be setting the number of reps you want to do!

1st Set: Repeat once!

  • Decline&Incline Push-Ups: You set the number
    Set a target number of decline push-ups (feet elevated on chair or other surface, hands on the ground) that you can complete and feel that you could perform a few more (i.e. 16). After completion, quickly switch to an incline push-up (hands elevated, feet on floor) and perform half the number of repetitions as you performed decline (i.e. 8). The incline push-ups should be easier, but you will already be fatigued from the decline push-ups
    • To increase difficulty: increase reps
      To decrease difficulty: decrease reps
  • Step-Ups: You set the number
    Perform alternating leg step-ups using chair or other elevated surface
    • To increase difficulty: wear weighted backpack or hold heavy objects in hands
    • To decrease difficulty: pick lower elevated surface/floor and drive knee up
  • Dead Bugs: You set the number

2nd Set: Repeat once!

  • Dips: Use chair or elevated surface to perform dips, you set reps.
    • To increase difficulty: elevate your feet on textbooks, another chair/couch
    • To decrease difficulty: move feet closer to your body
  • Hip Thrusts
    • To increase difficulty: try single leg
    • To decrease difficulty: lie with back flat on ground and bridge up
  • Side Planks
    To increase difficulty: elevate feet onto chair or other surface

3rd Set: As many Burpees as you want!!!

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