Wellness with Medicine in Motion

Wellness with Medicine in Motion

While many of our events revolve around fitness related events, our focus on wellness extends beyond physical health. We believe in a holistic approach to wellness that includes nutrition and mindfulness as well as encompassing mental and spiritual well-being. This page serves as a repository for our wellness related resources.

If you wish to add your own resource to this page, please email jacob.klickstein@medmotion.org with your addition.

Amal’s Mindfulness Audio Recording

Amal is a second-year medical student at Geisel. She enjoys various outdoor activities, contemplative walks, and poetry.
This pre-recorded audio session is a 20-minute recording, focusing on poetry, mindfulness, intentionality, and movement. We recommend this audio for people who are looking for a change in pace and moment of quiet. You can listen to it while going for a walk or sitting in a quiet room.

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