Medicine in Motion Fenway Spartan info 2019


The Fenway Spartan is two weeks away so I hope you’re getting HYPED for an awesome race. My name is Cap’t Jake I have working alongside your co-captains Halina, Denise, Megan and Stephanie to make this an amazing event.

I wanted to send out important information regarding getting to the race, what to expect once there, and the social afterwards. To keep from clogging your inbox with emails this will be the ONLY email being blasted out. Please check the FB page or the website event page (both linked below) for updates as race day nears. 

FB page:  


Getting there: Unsurprisingly the Fenway Spartan takes place INSIDE Fenway Stadium in Boston. You can get there on the T by taking the green B, C or D lines to Kenmore and walking (see map below). We will have groups leaving from various locations around Boston to take the T together. Link for the google doc will be in the FB group and website.

Kenmore to Fenway

If you are driving, parking is pretty limited and/or expensive in Fenway (welcome to Boston!). Since it will be Sunday, meters should be free. Beacon st in Brookline has a lot of metered parking and you can either walk or take the C line (runs along Beacon) from there to Kenmore.  

If you are confused or are not sure how to get to Fenway, please email me and I can help!

Race info: I am still waiting to hear back from Spartan, but our expected start time is ~2pm (we all start together regardless of the wave you signed up for). We’ll also have a gathering area that is TBD at Fenway stadium so we can hang out before the race. Please try to get there EARLY, 1-1.5 hours before the start time. You will need to check in, check your bag, find the crew, become best friends etc. and that takes time.

About 30 minutes before race time, we’ll gather for a picture and then after that we’ll warm up and get ready to RACE!

IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO SIGN UP! If you know someone who has been on the fence, let them know they can still race with us! 

What to bring: Do not forget: ID, registration (on your phone or printed out), work out gear, and a change of clothes for after. 

Last year the temperature was in the 40’s but New England weather is fickle so make sure to check the forecast day of. There will be a bag check so you’ll be able to bring some extra clothes and then check what you are not wearing. When the 10 day forecast comes in I’ll post my suggestions for what to wear on the FB page and website. 

POST RACE SOCIAL: This is the real reason everyone is racing. We have an awesome post-race social planned for after the Spartan at Fenway Johnnies starting at 4pm.  The bar is just down the street from Fenway park so it will be an easy walk. Come meet and hang out with the awesome people you just raced with over a pint!

We are on track to have not only the LARGEST team at Spartan but also the LARGEST Medicine in Motion event ever. We have students and professionals coming from ALL OVER New England. I think I can speak for ALL of the Medicine in Motion leadership when I say we are INCREDIBLY excited to see all of you. 

So limber up, put on your game day face and hop aboard the hype train because this is going to be an incredible weekend. 

Steady on,

Cap’t Jake