Promise Run Donation Template

Promise Run Donation Template

Use this template to request donations. Be sure to fill in your run distance, pledge and name. We encourage all participants to edit and personalize their message with their own experiences, motivations and goals.

Dear ______,
On September 6th, I’ll be running _____ miles to remember _______ as part of the Promise Run from Medicine in Motion’s MOVE Campaign. The goal of the Promise Run is to help raise funds and awareness for racial equity and continue the momentum for social justice that we have seen during the summer. I’ve pledged to raise ______, and I’d really appreciate it if you could support me by donating [optional: $X for every mile I’m running] towards the MOVE Campaign’s cause through this link or by Venmo to @MedMotion!

As a bit of background, Medicine in Motion is an international 501(c)(3) with the mission of addressing medical burnout through fitness, interdisciplinary community building, and philanthropy. Recent protests have brought to light systemic racism that has pervaded our society since inception, and Medicine in Motion acknowledges the public health crisis caused by racism. As such, we will be acting to support social justice, racial equity and the BLM movement through our MOVE Campaign.

We have chosen our benefactors to be the NAACP legal defense fund, InnerCity Weightlifting, National Bail Fund and Inala Wangarra (Australia). Our goal is to raise over $35,000, and our campaign will include a variety of donation-based virtual events (bootcamps, yoga classes, cooking classes, speaker panels, etc.). If you’d like to learn more about our campaign, check out our website. And if you’d like to join the Promise Run, more information and signups can be found here. Lastly, I would greatly appreciate (as would our benefactors) if you could help spread the word about our movement and our run!

Warm regards,


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