Promise Run Donation Portal

Promise Run Donation Portal

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Date: 9/6/20

Join us on our virtual Promise Run on Sunday, September 6th. We have seen an enormous movement in the US and around the world in response to the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. This summer, our MOVE campaign has raised a significant amount of money for organizations like the NAACP and National Bailout. We want to maintain this momentum continuing into the Fall. One part of this will be our Promise Run. This run symbolizes our Promise to not stop pushing for equality whether that means attending protests, continuing to educate yourself on issues of race, or supporting organizations that advocate for BIPOC.

Find more information regarding the Promise Run here:

Find out more about the impactful charities we are supporting in our fight against racial injustice:

2.23 – Ahmaud’s distance
3.13 – Breonna’s distance
5.25 – George’s distance
8.23 – Jacob’s distance

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