Virtual Fitness Challenge with HGC


Medicine in Motion is collaborating with the Harvard Graduate Council for a July Fitness Challenge.

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The first part of the challenge will be a Virtual Zumba Warm-Up Class at 2-3 PM EST on July 18th to serve as a kick-off where participating students can meet each other and safely warm-up before joining other physical activities

See below for instructions to run this BLM route or an F1-shaped route in Boston!

The bulk of the Virtual Fitness Global Campaign will be held asynchronously throughout the week of July 18th to 26th, where the global Harvard community is invited to participate in the exercise of their choice on their own time and in their own location. For example, students, faculty, staff, alumni, other affiliates, and guests are welcome to run, bike, walk, or move in any other way. To build community, participants are invited to share a photo of themselves in action, a map of their exercise route, etc.

General participation:

  1. Participate in an exercise of your choice (run, bike, walk, work out in your home, etc.)
  2. Take a photo of yourself doing the exercise (or a screenshot of a Strava or MapMyRun route if you run/bike/walk), and post it with the hashtags #OneHarvard, #MedMotion, & #NewBalance.

If you are in Boston and would like to run a course in Cambridge/Somerville in the shape of BLM (shown above) or F1 to show support for the Black community and/or international students:

The two routes are linked here: BLM (3.3 miles) and F1 (2.3 miles).

  1. Download MapMyRun, create an account.
  2. Click on one of the links above (BLM or F1) to open the desired route in your browser. Click Bookmark to save the route and log in with the same account you created for the MapMyRun app.
  3. You can find the route on the MapMyRun app by clicking the 3 dots in the bottom right, then Routes, then Bookmarked Routes.
  4. When you get to the starting point, click Do It (top right), then Start Workout. It will track your route!

At the end of the Virtual Fitness Global Campaign week (date TBD, will be last week of July), the organizers will offer a Virtual Cool-Down Conversation to bring participating students back together for reflection as well as broader conversations about how to protect health and well-being during these unprecedented times, with a focus on discussing how to provide more support to communities that have been disproportionately affected. This discussion also fits into the broader context of how July is Minority Mental Health Awareness Month.

While donations are not required to participate, we’d appreciate if you would support our organizations or the causes we support!

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