Lower Body

This page offers a brief overview of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts that can be done at home that focus on the lower body. These workouts are here to inspire you to be active when you are interested and try something new. Therefore you should never feel obligated or pressured to exercise, please listen to what your mind and body are asking of you. We have tried to make each of these workouts accessible and scalable to any level, if you are unsure of a movement please google it as we have not yet had time to make tutorials for all movements. If you have any questions or comments please reach out to us! We would love to hear from you. 

Modifying Movements 

We all have different physical skills, experiences, and previous injuries. Therefore it is imperative that you adapt each movement to fit your needs and desires. You can modify these movements in any way, but we suggest a few possible ways below. Squats: We all have different levels of flexibility and range of motion, so please listen to your body on how low you can go and how much weight you should put on your back. You can make squats easier by putting a chair behind you to see how deep to go, and harder by adding more weight or jumping. Please see this video on how to squat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_VtOYc6j5c

Making at Home Weights 

If you do not have weights or stretch bands, here are a few ways to make weights at home. You can fill up any bag (hand bags, backpacks, suitcases) with heavy items (filled water bottles, books, canned food) from around your house. Get creative! If you do have weights or resistance bands, please make sure they are appropriate and safe to use. 


Build a Bear

This workout is another one inspired by our favorite furry forest friend. You will move through a number of dynamic movements meant to give you the strength and speed of any bear. If you choose to use a weight, you will need one backpack or bag that will be worn on your back throughout the work out, please drop if whenever you want. Hope you are ready to hibernate after! 

  • Start in a plank or push-up position, and do 10 knees to elbow 
  • 10 Squats 
  • 10 Jumping Squats 
  • 10 Forward Lunges each leg 
  • 10 High Knees each leg (running in place)
  • 1 loud growl

Repeat for 8 minutes or until you feel grizzly.

Lunge O’ Clock

It’s quitting time, time to hit the bar(bell)! The name has it all, nothing beats the rewarding burn of a good lunge. During this workout you will lunge in all directions, following the numbers on a clock. If it is useful, you can lay out markers at each of the 12 positions.  Please make sure you spend more energy focusing on form and quality over speed. This includes not letting your knees hit the ground between lunges, making sure you do not extend your knee over your toes, and moving as deep as you can into each lunge. If you would like to make this workout more challenging, feel free to wear a backpack. 

  • 12 Lunges each leg at 12
  • 6 Lunges at 11 and 1
  • 6 Lunges at 10 and 2
  • 6 Lunges at 9 and 3
  • 6 Lunges at 8 and 4
  • 6 Lunges at 7 and 5 
  • 12 Lunges each leg at 6 

Once at 6 walk your way back to 12:00!

Saddle up!

Get ready to run so fast in place you can almost feel the wind in your hair! This workout has a stronger focus on speed and getting your heart rate up to where it almost feels like you are galloping across the plains. For this workout you will need to find a step, or build a step out of a stack of books!

  • 10 High Knees (running in place) 
  • 10 Jumping Jacks 
  • 10 Toe Touches to the step  or books
  • 10 Jump Squats onto the step, or over the books
  • 10 Toe Touches to the step or books
  • 10 Jumping Jacks
  • 10 High Knees (running in place) 

As fast as you can for one round, break for 1 minute. Repeat 3 times! 

Pirate’s Glute-y

We’re going to focus on the body’s LARGEST muscle today: THE GLUTES. While the G maximus gets the most publicity, your glutes are actually composed of two more muscles, the gluteus medius and the gluteus minimus. These three muscles work in tandem to extend your hip joint (think standing up) and keep your legs stable. Not only do they look good but they help prevent injuries from sports including running! Let’s get it

Warm up: 30 sec each jumping jacks, high knees, butt kicks, high kicks

4 rounds, 1 minute rest between each

  • 10x jump lunges (10 each side)
  • 15x air squats
  • 20x glute med squeeze
    • Start on all fours, raise one leg out to your side like a dog peeing on a fire hydrant
    • Squeeze and hold at the very top before bringing your leg back down
  • 30 sec jumping jacks
Jump, Jump, Jump Around!

This plyometric (jumping) based workout will help build your explosive strength. It may also may annoy your downstairs neighbors…

Warm up – jumping jacks

4 rounds, 1 minute rest between rounds

  • 15x Jump squats
    • Make sure to get proper depth on your squats! Thighs should be parallel with the ground
    • To increase difficulty hold weights (or textbooks)
  • 20x mountain climber
  • 10x jump lunges
    • That’s 10 per leg!

Finisher: burpees for time –

  • Beginner – 15x burpees
  • Intermediate – 30x burpees
  • Advanced – 60x burpees

Get ready to Jump, Jump, Jump around! This workout focuses on moving fast and getting your heart rate up, so compete all three rounds with speed in mind! Please be safe and careful with the box jumps, and if you do not have stairs or a box to use, you can do tuck jumps.

3 Sets of…
– 20 high knees
– 20 tuck jumps or box jumps (can use stairs instead of a box)
– 20 jumping lunges
– 20 push ups (add clap if you can!)

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