J’s Bday WOD

Warm up with light cardio (jumping jacks, running in place, dynamic stretching)

Perform workout A for as many rounds as you can in 5 minutes, then proceed to workout B and do the same. Rest for 1-5 minutes, then repeat. (A, B, rest, A, B)

Workout A)

  • 10 Jump lunges
    • Instruction: start in the lunge position, then explode upwards and swap feet and land in the lunge position. Repeat. 1 rep
    • To increase the difficulty wear a backpack with as much weight as you want
  • 10 lateral raise
    • Instruction: start with hands by your sides, then raise them out to your side to form a “T”, pause, then bring them back down… 1 rep
    • To decrease the difficulty use no weight but focus on contracting your traps and deltoids
    • To increase the difficulty hold a textbook in either hand, or a cloth grocery bag loaded with books
  • 10 feet elevated push up
    • Instruction: This is a push up but your feet are elevated such as on a chair or a coffee table
    • To decrease the difficulty bring your feet down, or change to knees push up
    • To increase the difficulty elevate your feet further on a table or on a wall

Workout B)

  • 10 leg raises
    • Instruction: Laying flat on the ground, raise your legs so they point upwards
    • To decrease the difficulty place your hands under your butt
    • To increase the difficulty hold hands over your head, do not let your feet touch the ground between reps
  • 10 table rows
    • Instruction: Find a table and lay underneath. Reach up and grip the edge of the table with your hands and pull your chest to the table.
    • To decrease the difficulty find a taller table or bring your feet closer to the table edge
    • To increase difficulty find a shorter table or elevate your feet
  • 20 push ups
    • Instruction: any modification is fine
    • To decrease difficulty put your knees on the ground and keep your hips straight
    • To increase difficulty place your hands close together 
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