This page offers a brief overview of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts that can be done at home that focus on the core. These workouts are here to inspire you to be active when you are interested and try something new. Therefore you should never feel obligated or pressured to exercise, please listen to what your mind and body are asking of you. We have tried to make each of these workouts accessible and scalable to any level, if you are unsure of a movement please google it as we have not yet had time to make tutorials for all movements. If you have any questions or comments please reach out to us! We would love to hear from you.

Modifying Movements 

We all have different physical skills, experiences, and previous injuries. Therefore it is imperative that you adapt each movement to fit your needs and desires. You can modify these movements in any way, but we suggest a few possible ways below

  • Situps: Situps can be hard to perform for a number of reasons. We recommend putting your legs in a butterfly position to open your hips up and make it easier on your back.
  • Flutter kicks/Leg Lifts: To make these movements easier place your hands under your butt. To make them more challenging, you can put your hands behind your head. 

Making Mats 

For all core movements it will be safer and more comfortable if you have something between your body and the ground. You can use yoga matts, throw rugs, or towels to help create the perfect structure for your back.  


Walk the Plank

Arggg ye matey, on this ship to be a true pirate you have to be the plank. This workout will walk you through a number of positions to strengthen your entire core. You can take little breaks when needed but try to stay up for the whole time! Make sure you focus on keeping your back straight and your butt inline with your spine. You can also put a matt or towel under One minute at each position. 

  • High Plank: push-up position 
  • Right Side High Plank: Turn onto your right side and bring your left arm over your head
  • Left Side High Plank: Turn onto your left side and bring your right arm over your head
  • Rest for 1 minute
  • Low Plank: Come down onto your elbows. 
  • Right Side Low Plank: Resting on your right elbow, bring your left hand over your head

Why is this workout called Earthquake? Well you can find the answer at the end of this workout. Overall you will be focusing on a number of quick dynamic movements that will target all major abdominal muscles. 

  • Start in the push up or plank position
    • 20 Mt. Climbers: Bring your knee into your chest
    • 20 Spider man: Bring your knee to the elbow on the same side 
    • 20 Crisscross: Bring your knee to the opposite elbow. 
  • Lay on your back 
    • 20 Bicycles: Bring your elbow to opposite knee
    • 20 Russian Twist: Sit in a half crunch and twist your elbows and knees to opposite sides 
    • 1 minute plank hold 
Hibberty Jibberty

Why is this workout called Hibberty Jibberty? We are not quite sure. Some say it was designed by Ms. Hibberty Jibberty, others say because it is the only thing you can say when it’s over. For this work out you will be doing one movement and one movement only until failure. This is a fun one to finish the day with, or start out with depending on your mood. See here for instructions.

  • Hibberty Jibbertys: repeat till you can’t jibberty anymore 
    • Bring your right knee to your right chest 
    • Bring your left knee to your left chest 
    • Bring both knees to your chest 

The Final Countdown

3..2..1. You will be counting the seconds until the afterburn from this workout is over, both literally and physically. For this workout you will try to conduct each of the following abb movements for 1 minute each. Please pause and take little breaks as you need throughout the workout, but try to keep going for the whole 10 minutes.

  • Situps
  • Flutter kicks 
  • V-ups: Fold in a V by touching your fingers to your toes. 
  • Sit-ups 
  • Leg Lifts 
  • Boxcar/Suitcase: Fold by bring your knees to your chest 
  • Superman: lay on your stomach and bring your arms and legs off the ground 
  • Penguins: Do half a situp and alternate touching your fingers to your ankles (you’ll look like a penguin walkin) 
  • Reverse Crunch: Bend your knees and curl them into your chest. 
  • Bicycles: Alternate touching your elbow to the opposite knee 
Molten Core

We all know that at the center of the earth is a molten, hot, core. Do you know how it got there? This workout. This workout has two sections that will both help you find your limit. Please make sure you watch your back.

Set 1: Max Plank
planks: 15s plank, 15s rest, 30s plank, 30s rest, 45s plank, 45s rest, repeat untill max time

Break! Do a seal stretch, skip around, get some water, twist it out

Set 2: 5 rounds of
20 sit ups, 20 v ups, 1 min rest

Ab Scorcher

Have you every wondered what it would feel like to set your core on fire? Wonder no more! With this ab focused work out you’ll be sure to feel it tomorrow. The pattern will be A – B – A – B – A with 1 minute rest between workouts. Total time of 20 minutes. Let’s do it!

Workout A (2 minute abs):

  • Leg lifts (30 sec)
    • Laying on the floor, legs straight, bring your legs up so your body forms a right angle
    • Place your hands under your butt to decrease difficulty
  • Heel touches/Penguins (30 sec)
    • Laying on the floor, legs bent with feet on the ground, bend your side so you can tap your heel with your hand
  • Suitcase sit ups (30 sec)
    • Laying on the floor, legs out straight, sit up and tuck your legs into your chest in one smooth motion
  • Russian twists (30 sec)
    • Sit with your legs crossed off the ground in front of you; twist and touch the ground to your left then right with both hands

Workout B (as many rounds as possible in 5 minutes):

  • 10x push ups
    • To increase difficulty, bring arms closer together
    • To decrease difficulty, rest knees on the ground maintaining a flat body through your hips
  • 10 yard bear crawl
    • On all fours (hands and feet, not knees), crawl forward as fast as you can.
    • Bonus: surprise your roommates in the next room!
  • 10x walking lunge
    • To increase difficulty, hold textbooks or weights
    • To decrease difficulty, stationary lunges

Workout consists of A – B – A – B – A with 1 minute rest between. For advanced athletes, double up on workout A each time (4 minute abs). Have fun!

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