Chase the Deadbug

3 Sets:
1) Decline&Incline Push-Ups, Step-Ups, Dead Bugs
2) Dips, Hip Thrust, Kneeling Extension
3) Finisher: Burpees x2 sets

1st Set

  • Decline&Incline Push-Ups
    • Set a target number of decline push-ups (feet elevated on chair or other surface, hands on the ground) that you can complete and feel that you could perform a few more (i.e. 16). After completion, quickly switch to an incline push-up (hands elevated, feet on floor) and perform half the number of repetitions as you performed decline (i.e. 8). The incline push-ups should be easier, but you will already be fatigued from the decline push-ups
      • To increase difficulty: increase reps
      • To decrease difficulty: decrease reps
  • Step-Ups
    • Perform alternating leg step-ups using chair or other elevated surface
      • To increase difficulty: wear weighted backpack or hold heavy objects in hands
      • To decrease difficulty: pick lower elevated surface/floor and drive knee up
  • Dead Bugs

2nd set

  • Dips
    • Use chair or elevated surface to perform dips
      • To increase difficulty: elevate your feet on textbooks, another chair/couch
      • To decrease difficulty: move feet closer to your body
  • Hip Thrusts
  • Side Planks
    • To increase difficulty: elevate feet onto chair or other surface

3rd set

  • Burpees
    • Perform to set number, rest 3 minutes, perform same number again
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