University of Rochester School of Medicine

Officers: Nicholas Contento, Phoebe Huang, Valentina Sedlacek

Nick Contento: I’m a second-year medical student from Utica, NY. I attended the University of Rochester and graduated in 2017. I enjoy running, hiking, camping, lifting, snowboarding, most sports, and pretty much anything outside. Rochester has shown me numerous ways to keep physically fit over my past 7 years in the city, and I’m super pumped to connect local organizations and URSMD through physical activity. Phoebe and Valentina are also incredible human beings and I cannot wait to see where Medicine in Motion takes us!

Valentina Sedlacek: I am a second-year medical student from Hanover, NH. I was a part of the Triathlon team at Dartmouth College and graduated in 2018. Nowadays, I love doing anything that gets me outside with friends, whether that’s hiking, biking, running, swimming, rowing, canoeing, going on long walks, or adventuring of any sort. Using physical activity to build community and promote social change and overall wellness is so important to me. I am really excited to partner with Phoebe, Nick, Medicine in Motion and the incredible ROC community fitness organizations that exist in our city to promote activity and wellness within our URSMD community!

Phoebe Huang: I’m a second-year medical student from Lawrenceville, NJ. Incorporating physical fitness into my routine, especially as part of a team, has been an important part of my life both before and during medical school. I rowed on the Princeton University Lightweight Women’s Rowing team before graduating in 2016. Nowadays, my favorite ways to stay active are rock climbing, snowboarding, lifting, Spikeballing, running, playing intramural sports, and being outdoors. From joining the numerous community fitness organizations in Rochester to just meeting up with friends at the med center gym for a good burn, I’ve loved connecting with others through physical activity and I’m so excited to bring Medicine in Motion to URSMD with Valentina and Nick!