Medicine in Motion Istanbul Chapter

Promise Run: Mor Cati

Sept. 6th 2020
2.47 miles – Mor Cati distance
The Mor Çatı Women’s Shelter Foundation was established in 1990 by feminists in order to combat violence against women. At Mor Çatı, the work against male violence is grounded in feminist principles, aiming for women to be able to build lives unhindered by gender-based discrimination and male violence under free and equal conditions. Male violence is understood to be rooted in existing inequalities between men and women, which must be dismantled by fostering women’s solidarity. For this reason, the social work in our solidarity center and shelter is geared towards empowering women. In addition to engaging in one-to-one solidarity with women, we monitor and report on the implementation of national and international conventions, laws, and regulations as well as making policy recommendations to decision-makers in order to eradicate violence and achieve gender equality. We hold workshops with women’s organizations, civil society organizations (NGOs), bar associations and municipalities active in combating violence in order to share our information and experiences in the field. We strive for women to be able to lead free and independent lives, targeting the patriarchy through campaigns and actions in collaboration with national and international women’s organizations.

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Piril Okay – Chief Executive Officer

Piril is a 3rd year medical student at KU. She currently works as a student assistant in a human genetics lab to understand the molecular mechanisms behind ALS and similar neurodegenerative diseases. In her free time she likes to do fitness exercises in the gym and attend yoga lessons. Last year, she ran 15K in the Istanbul Marathon with her fellow med students in support of a charity for cancer fighters. She feels very lucky to have discovered the mood boost one gets from training and now wants to help other med students reduce stress and maintain their physical and mental health through exercise.

Ozlem Ozgur – Chief Operating Officer

Ozlem is a 3rd year medical student at KU in Istanbul. She considers herself as an energetic person and would try any sport once: her exercises began with swimming and volleyball, she then played tennis, badminton and basketball in her high school years, she has always loved ice skating. Currently she adores fitness and yoga. She expects to utilize fitness as a tool for interdisciplinary community building and to support the general well-being of the society.

Yasar Baris Gulluoglu – Chief Development Officer

Baris is a 3rd year medical student at KU. He has always been into bodybuilding and fitness since childhood, starting with bodyweight training and eventually transitioning into powerlifting. He also had the chance to compete in the academic rowing league as an ace rower of the Koc Rowing Team. Lately, he grew an interest in yoga while continuing weightlifting training. He wishes to keep an active lifestyle and constant development of his mental and physical fitness.

Misra Tasci – Chief Strategy Officer

Misra is a 3rd year student at KU. She is passionate about maintaining an active lifestyle and helping to build communities that are active physically, mentally and spiritually. Her favorite types of exercises are running and yoga, she is also very open to trying anything new to keep building a state of wellness both in herself and the people around her.

Samet Tolga Kaya – Chief Financial Officer

Tolga is a 3rd year medical student at KU in Istanbul. He enjoys trying different kinds of sports and just moving in general. He believes that keeping an active lifestyle helps clear his mind and elevate his mood. His favorite type of exercises are bodybuilding and football. He has experience in budget management from smaller student organizations in high school and college that he plans to utilize to fund events and find sponsorships for MiM.

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