Harvard School of Dental Medicine

Harvard School of Dental Medicine

Medicine in Motion Captains:
Kristin Sweeney (Kristin_Sweeney@hsdm.harvard.edu)
Jenn Lee (jennifer_lee@hsdm.harvard.edu)

Having healthy bodies starts with oral health, and healthy nutrition habits are one of the most important aspects of not only oral but also systemic health. As we are training to become dentists and to fight tooth decay, helping our patients understand the importance of making wise nutrition decisions throughout their lives and of caring for their oral cavity daily are the most impactful services we can offer. While our special talents include flossing (the dance move and the oral health practice), training to fight caries (dental tooth decay), and singing the tooth brush song while simultaneously brushing our teeth, we also take time to exercise and maintain our own fitness by training for and competing in the bi-annual HSDM Dental Olympics.


HSDM Dental Olympics

Loon Mountain Race

The HSDM Chapter of Medicine in Motion is organizing Medicine in Motion participation in this grueling and unique mountain race this July.

For more info, visit the Loon Mountain Race Page.

To register, please email Kristin_Sweeney@hsdm.harvard.edu to ensure you are signed up as part of Medicine in Motion.

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