Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical School

Medicine in Motion Captains: Henry Ashworth, Mihir Dekhne, Sam Lyon, Niyi Odewade, Abigail Baldwin, Aseal Birir, Dylan Cahill, Amanda Cao, Arielle Isaacson, Koya Osada


Fit4Life is an HMS/HSDM student organization focused on increasing wellness and inclusive community engagement through educational and charitable events.

Educational events include lifting clinics and nutritional lectures. Charitable events include 5ks, spartan races, triathlons, and tough mudders. If you have questions about events or would like to contact Fit4Life please email niyi_odewade@hms.harvard.edu



Monthly lifting clinics with personalized training. Contact president niyi_odewade@hms.harvard.edu

Previous Events

Lifting clinics look at empowering students to engage in physical activities that they otherwise not believe they are able to do, including squatting, deadlifting, and bench pressing.

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