Geisel School of Medicine

Geisel School of Medicine

Medicine in Motion Officers: Chris Lites, Isabelle Tersio, Zach Panton, Abiah Pritchard

Geisel’s chapter of Medicine in Motion is passionate about wellness and the intersection of mental and physical health. We are excited to have the opportunity to support a variety of charities and team up with students from many different medical professions.

Our Team

Chris Lites
Isabelle Tersio
Zach Panton


Dartmouth College and Geisel School of Medicine Triathlon Teams

After founding and captaining Dartmouth’s undergraduate triathlon team during their time there, Abiah, Nina, and Kelly (left to right) have for gone on to run Geisel’s triathlon team throughout their medical studies. Their passion for the sport inspires us all!

Buzzard’s Bay 2018

Dartmouth’s Triathlon team joined us for Max Performance’s famous triathlon – Buzzard’s Bay – this past year, 2018. Their women won the collegiate division, and their men placed second. Everyone had such a great time!

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