Boston University Medical School

Medicine in Motion Captains: Katelyn Trecartin and Alexis Clay

BU Wellness Mission Statement

Our mission is to advocate for a healthy balance of mental, emotional and physical well-being which can help complement and enhance the medical student experience and to provide students with resources for personal and professional development.

As physicians-in-training, we all share an underlying desire to help other people, yet we struggle to help ourselves or our colleagues when faced with our own adversity. Through this 40 plus student run Initiative, we seek to break down these barriers in communication and restore a sense of community. We host a variety of events from group runs, paint nights, and therapy dog sessions to hosting our annual Wellness fair where we bring all the Boston Area wellness resources to the students in one place. Everything from free fitness class passes and free massage sessions to mental health resources are all brought under one roof each year. To find out more you can visit out website at as well as find us on Instagram and Facebook.