Past Events

Fenway Spartan Race

November 10, 2019
Participants: 131

Our biggest event yet! We had over 100 students, residents and healthcare professionals from all over New England come out to crush this Spartan race. It was truly awesome to see so many people come together to challenge themselves on a Sunday afternoon. Not only did we have a lot of first time Spartans, but we also had some Spartan veterans who took it to the next level. 12 people from our team placed in the top 15 for their age group! We could not have asked for a better way to close out our 2019 season. Heres to seeing all these dedicated people again in 2020!


September 15, 2019
Funds Raised: $800
Participants: 36

Max Performance never fails; our annual Buzzard’s Bay Triathlon was a blast! We had a team of 36, composed of 21 health students, 3 residents, and 12 attendings from across five hospitals and six schools. It was incredible to see everyone come together from different backgrounds and race as a team. One highlight, of many, from this race would be how two of our team-members finished a 24 hour call at 7am the morning of the race, drove down, and made it just in time to race – dedication!

Bike to the Beach

August 31, 2019
Funds Raised: $15,326
Participants: 19

A fundraiser for individuals and their families with autism, Bike to the Beach-New England is a 100-mile ride from Boston, MA to Newport, RI and was Medicine in Motion’s culminating event for 2019. Our team of 19 riders—including 12 medical students from three separate Boston medical schools, 6 non-healthcare professionals, and 1 dentist—completed the ride on August 31, 2019. Together, our team raised $15,326 towards autism care and research. There were many firsts that day: the first “Century Ride” for over half of our team members, the first Medicine in Motion event for six team members, the first time to Newport for almost all team members, and the first time raising funds through a bike ride for the majority of the team. It was also a second: the second culminating fundraiser event for Medicine in Motion, following up on 2018’s Pan-Mass Challenge. Join our team to be a part of our third culminating event in 2020!

Spartan Race

May 19, 2019
Participants: 60

What an amazing event! Despite the cold and rain, our MM’ers got outside and showed us what they were made of! It was pretty spectacular to see so many medical professionals, who clearly value the importance of fitness on one’s health, all come together and have such a great time in the cold and mud.

Next Up, Harvest Triathlon on June 9th! Stay tuned!


June 8, 2019
Funds Raised: $375
Participants: 25

Our second annual Harvest Triathlon with Max Performance went spectacularly! Unlike the Spartan Race earlier in the season, the sun was out in full force as our team composed of HMS students and Midnight Runners competed in either a sprint (400 yd swim, 13.5 mile bike, 5k run) or olympic (.9 mile swim, 29 mile bike, 6 mile run). The post-race lunch and Beer Garden, made for a great post-race atmosphere for us all to mingle and get to know each other better. Highlights include one of our members and one of our relay teams placing first overall, as well as one of us winning a post-race dance-off by twerking and doing the dougie (anything to win a free wetsuit, right?)!


September 16, 2018
Funds Raised: $150
Participants: 24

After the Harvard triathlon, there was so much excitement for us to host another! We again worked with Max Performance and coordinated a triathlon at Buzzard’s Bay. This event attracted different students who missed out on the first competition but were similarly first-timers. We have many personal bests and a ton of fun competing in the triathlon of the 2018 season!


August 4-5th, 2018
Participants: 5

This was the culminating event of the 2018 season – the main fundraising drive for the five founders of the organization.

Here is a brief description of the Pan-Mass Challenge, as taken from its website ( “The Pan-Mass Challenge raises money for life-saving cancer research and treatment at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute through an annual bike-a-thon that crosses the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Since its founding in 1980, the PMC has successfully melded support from committed cyclists, volunteers, corporate sponsors and individual contributors. All are essential to the PMC’s goal and model: to attain maximum fundraising efficiency while increasing its annual gift. Our hope and aspiration is to provide Dana-Farber’s doctors and researchers with the necessary resources to discover cures for all cancers.”

This past year, the bike ride raised over $54 million dollars. Logan, Katie, Chase, Mike, and Derek are so honored and proud to have been a part of this magnificent ride and look forward to participating again.


July 7, 2018
Funds Raised: $2650
Participants: 50

We hosted a raffle event at the Harvard Club in one last major fundraising push. Many local businesses throughout Boston were quick to give items away, knowing that all funds raised would go directly to charity. Sponsors included the Top of the Hub restaurant, Harvard Athletics tickets, and Central Rock Gym Watertown passes. It was an incredible event that fueled great enthusiasm in our last large fundraiser of the year.


June 9, 2018
Funds Raised: $600
Participants: 33

This event holds a special place in our hearts, as there were only two of 33 of us that had ever done a triathlon before, and this triathlon required our participants to do a quarter mile swim, 14 mile bike, and 3.1 mile run (or double that, as some did the longer Olympic-distance version). We were beyond impressed by our team made of Harvard and Tufts Medical students, who were able to find the time and motivation to train amidst a grueling curriculum.


June 02, 2018
Funds Raised: $900
Participants: 25

This event was an absolute blast. It is difficult to capture the essence of this event in a blurb, but highlights include:
1) 22/25 of us completing in our first Spartan Race.
2) All 25 of us leaving with hundreds of free samples (yogurts, protein bars, energy drinks, etc).
3) How quickly the competitive juices washed away our promises to stay together, causing the event became “every (wo)man for him/herself” five minutes into a 60+ minute race.
4) Our very own Rebecca Hammond making the Spartan world championships!
5) Mike the “25 passenger-van-driver” from Enough said.


April 6, 2018
Funds Raised: $3500
Participants: 150

The Harvard Club of Boston honored us by hosting a fundraising auction for us at one of their cocktail nights through their Harvard with a Heart Initiative. We auctioned off items generously donated by the Harvard COOP and Bob Beck’s Sports Collectibles. At the conclusion of a night of fun, we came away feeling a strong sense of community, grateful for, and humbled by, the altruism shown by our fellow Harvard Club members.

Chris Lites
Chris is a second year medical student at Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth. After graduating from Columbia University in 2016 with a degree in Neuroscience and Behavior he worked in consulting and then managed a private practice for a cardiologist. Currently obsessed with boxing, calisthenics and functional strength training, Chris has always been a fitness fanatic. Since becoming a NASM certified personal trainer in 2018 he has been committed to promoting exercise and general wellness within each of his communities.
Jacob Klickstein
Jacob is a 4th year MD/PhD student at Tufts University School of Medicine working on his PhD in neuroscience. He currently works to create motor neurons from human stem cells, but when he isn’t in the lab, he can be found running down the esplanade, practicing handstands or tending to his indoor forest. Before joining Tufts, he worked as a clinical research assistant creating and maintaining a patient tissue bank for Alzheimer’s disease research. While at MGH, he helped establish the MGH running club and ran the 2017 Boston marathon. He continues his obsession with running as the leader of the TUSM running club and now as the COO at Medicine in Motion.
Amanda Cao
Amanda is a 2nd year student at Harvard Medical School. She grew up in St. Louis, Missouri before attending college at MIT, where she graduated in 2019 with a degree in Biology. Amanda has always enjoyed playing sports and keeping active, and her favorite forms of exercise include swimming and boxing. Amanda is excited to work with Medicine in Motion to combine her interest in physical activity with her passion for building community within her profession.
Michael Duggan
Mike is a second year medical student at the University of Queensland-Ochsner Clinical School in Brisbane, Australia. After graduating from the University of Maryland in 2016 with a BS in Biology, he worked as a clinical research coordinator on childhood obesity focused research projects at Massachusetts General Hospital. His biggest fitness accomplishments to date are running the Boston Marathon and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. He is looking forward towards utilizing fitness to create and develop a sense of community among medical students.
Shani Aharon
Shani Aharon is a 4th year medical student at University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester. She considers herself adventurous, and would try any sport once: she grew up figure skating, rowed crew in college, played ultimate frisbee while working, and now runs in her free time in medical school. Having a few years of work-life balance as a healthcare consultant prior to medical school, Shani is passionate about maintaining mind-body wellness and helping do the same. She’s excited to put her past experience to good use as the CFO of Medicine in Motion.
Logan Briggs
Logan Briggs is a 4th year Harvard Medical Student. He swam for, and captained, the Dartmouth swim team and graduated in 2016. During a gap year before medical school, he worked as a wilderness guide in Tanzania and biked across the US to raise money for medical service work that he later performed in Nepal. Having been a lifelong swimmer, transitioned to triathlete, Logan strongly believes that regular exercise and social connection is the key to balance and happiness. He helped found Medicine in Motion to extend those benefits to others.
Chase Marso
Chase is a fourth-year medical student at Harvard Medical school and co-founder of Medicine in Motion. A former Augustana University quarterback and basketball coach in his hometown of Brandon, SD, he has always had a passion for physical fitness and a desire to encourage others in athletic achievement. Chase sees Medicine in Motion’s mission of inspiring others towards their physical fitness goals while promoting philanthropy as Medicine in Motion’s most unique and worthwhile endeavor.
Cray Noah
Cray is an engineer and doctor-in-training dedicated to innovating ways to increase access to preventative medicine and health technology. As a fourth-year student in Harvard’s MD/MBA program, he brings experience working at the nexus of biomedicine and business in the medical device startup space during his time at Georgia Tech and now in Boston. While passionate about innovative biotechnology, Cray believes creating community through exercise and fitness is the best form of preventative medicine to date and is dedicated to furthering that mission through Medicine in Motion. A native Texan, Cray has transitioned from football to triathlons, tennis and sailing since moving northeast.
Michael Seward
Mike is a fourth-year medical student at Harvard Medical School (HMS) where he co-founded Medicine in Motion in 2017 with Chase, Logan, and Derek. As a varsity ice hockey player at Harvard College, he became interested in nutrition and for his senior thesis implemented a traffic-light food labeling study in the college dining halls to encourage healthy eating choices. After graduating, he worked for two years in clinical research at an Obesity Prevention Program at HMS and worked at the Hospital for Special Surgery where he saw the alarming rise in knee replacements mirror national trends in obesity. This sparked his interest in the intersection of orthopaedic surgery, nutrition, and fitness, and his medical school thesis investigates a pre-operative remote weight loss intervention and mobile app for patients anticipating total joint replacement surgery.
Derek Soled
Derek is a fourth-year MD/MBA candidate at Harvard Medical School and Harvard Business School. He serves as the student council co-president at the medical school. Derek graduated from Yale University in 2016 as a double major in biology and sociology and was the captain of the Yale fencing team. He then pursued a MSc in medical anthropology from the University of Oxford where he set an all-time record in the pole vault. A recipient of the Walter Byers Scholarship, an honor bestowed by the NCAA to the country's best overall male and female student-athlete each year, and a current member of Team USA for fencing, Derek is passionate about sport and continues to compete at a professional level as well as coach low-income children in Boston. As a first-year medical student, Derek co-founded Medicine in Motion.
Avik Chatterjee, MD, MPH
Cross-Fit Extraordinaire
Frank McGovern, MD
Collegiate Swimmer, Triathlete
Noelle Saillant, MD
Runner, Cyclist
Dana Stearns, MD
Professional Cyclist
Jennifer Tan, MD
Bootcamp, Cyclist
Grant Riew
Grant is a first year medical student at Harvard Medical School. He graduated from Harvard College in 2019 with a degree in Human Evolutionary Biology and Economics. He is interested in the effects of modern environments (low activity, lots of sitting, and lots of calories!) on human health and disease and has previously researched the effects of exercise on joint health. Grant is now excited to be involved in MiM research and and can’t wait to get active with others to promote healthy lifestyles. In his spare time, Grant enjoys hanging with friends, going on long walks, and playing the cello.
Sara Rubin
Sara is a 6th year MD-PhD student at Harvard Medical School and is currently in her 4th year of the Immunology PhD Program studying blood cell development in zebrafish. After graduating from Princeton University in 2014 with a degree in Chemistry, she spent one year conducting research that the Technion—Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel. In addition to her passion for medicine and science, Sara is an avid athlete who over the years has participated and competed in many different sports including gymnastics, softball, tennis, and pole vaulting. She was introduced to CrossFit and weightlifting in 2014 and hasn’t looked back since, always looking for opportunities to train and compete with friends and to share her love and knowledge of the sport of fitness with others. She is eager to bring her passion for fitness and community building to Medicine in Motion.
Jenny Sullivan
Jenny is a second-year medical student at UMass Medical School. She received her undergraduate degree in Global Health at Georgetown University in 2018, where she was also a diver on the Swim and Dive team for four years. Jenny is excited to find the same sense of community, support, and passion for fitness that she had during college athletics as a member of Medicine in Motion.
Erica Lee
Erica is a third year undergraduate student at the University of Maryland - College Park in the Integrated Life Sciences Honors College. She is pursuing a degree in biology with a minor in business. She is interested in the effects of burnout in the medical field as well as how action can be taken to mitigate this growing issue. Erica has been swimming and playing soccer since she was six years old and looks forward to being able to combine her love of sports and science!
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